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Nourish Cleansing Scrub Expert Review – Instyle

Beauty: Do They Really Work? Nourish Cleansing Scrub

The Claim – This grainy aloe-based gel – certified organic by the USDA and fortified with fruit oils and skin-sloughing corncob granules – attempts to replace your body wash and shower scrub

Expert Opinion – Ground murumuru seeds and corncob grit are mild exfoliators, “so the polish would be well tolerated by most skin types,” says Dr. Fusco. “And it’s full of hydrating ingredients, like pomegranate-seed oil, so it feels nice on the body.” Even though there are no strong detergents in the tube, Dr. Fusco says, “the coconut oil is going to dissolve some dirt on the surface, so it would be a good cleanser for someone with sensitive skin.”

Our Verdict – We were happy to swap our jar of slippery salts for this neat delivery system. The gel is beyond gentle: “I barely felt it scratch my skin,” says a staffer, “and I didn’t need to use soap afterward.” It leaves limbs smooth, though not incredibly moisturized. The subtle earthy aroma has a couple of testers craving “a sweet or calming herbal scent that lingers.”

Nourish Organics Exfoliating Body Polish $10 at Ulta

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