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Cold, blustery winter weather can wreak havoc on your face and body. And slogging through the season all bundled up, it’s easy to ignore increasingly dry, scaly skin and callused feet. The neglect can seep into your mood, too, leaving you feeling dull and listless and like spring will never arrive. The RX? Detoxifying spa treatments to deep-clean pores and pamper skin battered by the elements, all while stimulating and soothing your senses. Our expert tips and favorite natural products (and even some DIY recipes) for face, body, and feet will have you glowing and invigorated from head to toe/ Pick one part to baby and beautify, or carve out more “me” time and create a luxurious, full-body spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

Body Rock –

1. Soak: Add a few drops of lavender oil or olive oil to bath water, suggests Bunte, plus three or four packets of powdered milk. “The oil soothes and moisturizes and the lactic acid in the milk helps exfoliate skin,” she says. Or pick up a ready-made tub elixir containing organic oils and minerals. Try – Phytomer Oligomer Well-Being Remineralizing Bath

2. Scrub: Areas such as your elbows, chest, and hand are often neglected. “Because those body parts are ignored, they’re often the first to show signs of aging,” Zicu says. A body scrub helps slough off dead skin cells, revealing newer, fresher skin and preventing rough patches. Try – Sprout Body Scrub

3. Mask: Sensitive winter skin on your body can benefit form a weekly mask much like your face can – and rinsing it off thoroughly with warm water can mimic a lymphatic massage. “A good long rinse activates the lymphatic system [a major component of the immune system] and helps detox the body,” Zicu says. Try – derma e Cleansing Enzyme Mask

4. Seal: Rubbing your body dry after a bath or shower is a no-no, especially during the winter. “Leave it damp and apply oils or a moisturizing hyaluronic acid product,” Bunte says. “This is when your pores are open and skin is most receptive to absorbing and sealing in moisture.” Try – Nourish Organic Almond Vanilla Body Lotion

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