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The Rough Stuff – look for scrubs made of natural grains instead of plastic beads, which can stick around in the environment after they’ve gone down the drain.

1. Prep: Exfoliating should be your very last step before getting out of the shower, says Jaliman. You want skin to be as hydrated as possible so that the scrub doesn’t scratch. Start with just once a week, then slowly increase to up to three times.

2. Polish: To cut down on friction, work the product into your skin with a gentle circular motion.

3. Protect: Recently exfoliated skin is fragile because its protection has been removed. A thick, rich cream will help restore the lipid barrier and keep skin soft.

Salt – L’Occitane Verbena Body Salt Scrub

Sugar – Sprout Body Scrub

Bean – The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Japan Adzuki Bean & Rice Washing Grains

Moisturizers – Cetaphil Special Edition Moisturizing Cream

Nourish Organic Body Lotion in Almond Vanilla

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